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She saved Jews by hiding them inside a German officers' villa.

Irena Sendler - She hid the names of Jewish children she rescued in a jar in a garden.


Dr. Julius Zubli, Dutch Physician and Honored Rescuer

Washington D.C. - May 06, 2002 - A medal and certificate were posthumously awarded recently to Dr. Julius Zubli, a Dutch physician whose heroic and humanitarian actions saved several Jews during the Holocaust of World War II.

Westlake Village, CA, residents, Rudolph and Julda Joon, along with twenty members of the Joon family, several from Europe, gathered at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. on May 6th to witness the poignant ceremony.

Particularly moving was the appearance of a Holocaust survivor who was saved by Dr. Zubli, who came from Israel to give his personal testimony as part of the 90-minute presentation attended by more than 500 people.

Dr. Zubliís name will be added to those who are called "Righteous Among the Nations" for their actions in saving Jews. Their names are inscribed on a wall of honor in the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

"I feel very proud, especially for my children," Julda Joon said of the honor bestowed on her father. "Itís so meaningful for them to have him as an example."

Dr. Zubli's daughter, Julda and her husband, Rudy, display some of the artifacts they recently donated to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
Julda and her husband show  her  father's Holocaust  memoirs.
Photo by Michael Coons, The Acorn

Speaking about the emotional ceremony, she said,

"It brought back so many memories of those war years."

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