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Leaflet No. 1 for East-Workers


The German Wehrmacht has liberated you from Stalin's terror and the Jewish-Bolshevik commissars. Wherever they could, the Bolsheviks have destroyed your factories as well as your food; they have burned your farms and your homes; they have taken the necessities of life away from you.

Germany can and wants to help you!


In Germany you will get work and bread. We promise you decent, just, and humane treatment if you work carefully and industriously and comport yourselves blamelessly.

Follow the directions below:

  1. Observe the customs and habits of the Germans.

  2. Be understanding of the measures introduced by the German authorities and works managers. By doing so you will gain the trust of your superiors and make your stay in Germany easier for yourselves.

  3. Be satisfied with what Germany offers you. Turn with confidence to your superiors with your wishes. They will help you as best they can.

  4. Complete your work willingly; be punctual and reliable, then the German Reich will be at your side as a helper and will protect you. As you comport yourselves in Germany, so will we treat you.

  5. If the German is not to despise you, you must be industrious.

  6. Germany is a country of order, cleanliness, and industriousness. Therefore, adapt to the German order, keep yourselves clean, and see that you stay healthy.

  7. Keep order among yourselves; avoid arguments and fights. Follow the orders of your camp leaders.

  8. The German woman and the German girl stand under the strict protection of the alien laws. For you they are untouchable.

  9. Never forget that there is war, and adapt your needs accordingly.

Translation from original German-language document courtesy of:
Kenneth Kronenberg - German Translator/Writer/Editor

By Tadeusz Piotrowski Poland's Holocaust
Award-winning book. Extensive documentation. Excellent source for students. Gives much more understanding of the complicated issues of this volatile time than available in the media.

Photos of Post-War Displaced Persons Camps

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