174. Rosa Greenspan
Sister of Esther Greenspan Klozow. Family is seeking any information. It has been over 60 years since they saw little Rosa in Russia, where the family escaped from Nazi Germany.
Harry Klozow, Nephew
1702 NW 97th Ave
Coral Springs, FL 33071

173. Joseph Tokarska Born in Polotnica, Poland
Father's name, Joseph Tokarska, mother's name Frances Habiciak Tokarska Joseph's sister Wladyslawa Wladzia Tokarska is still alive and would like to know the whereabouts of Joseph Tokarska. Please send any information to:
Leslie Ashford

172. Katarzyna Kowalska - Sailed to NYC on the Kronprinz Wilhelm
I am looking to find out information about my grandmother. She was born in Poland . The birth certificate that we received in 1966 spells her name as Catharina Kielbasa born 2/10/1896. Her mothers name was Zofie Kowalska and her fathers name was Stanislas Kielbasa and she was from Woznica Gorna, Galicia Poland. However her marriage certificate states her name is Katarzyna Kowalska . When she was alive she said her certificate from Poland had the wrong birthdate. She was adamant that she arrived in the United States when she was sixteen years old. I looked up her information on the Ellis Island website and found a possible match under Katar…yna Kielbasa ,with the appropriate age arriving in New York on the Kronprinz Wilhelm 10/17/1905.This ship sailed from Bremen Germany?? And from her birth certificate she would be the wrong age. She was also adamant that she arrived when the Cherry blossoms were blooming. I have tried to write to Diecezja Przemyska OB.LAC Dec Brzozow Par Gwaznica Gorna,Galicia Poland twice with no response. She said she came from a very prosperous family, they had many horses and many acres of land. She was the only daughter to Zofie and Stanislas and she had five or six brothers. She said her land was taken by the Germans and her brothers were sent to some work camps. I have very little to go on so any help would be appreciated. Thank You

171. Johann Joachin Meier and Dorothee Meier Geborene Glumm
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother. Their names are Johann Joachin Meier and Dorothee Meier Geborene Glumm. He was born January 28, 1828 and she was born April 19, 1933. She was called Dora in the United States. I know Dora died and is buried in Clavert, TX where she lived and raised 4 sons and maybe 1 daughter. I do not know if Johann every made it to the US. I was told he died in Germany.
My name is: Jean (Meier) Manning

170. Czechodlobskis--city of Podkarpatska Dus -Uzhorod
I am searching for the family of Frank Rothman--his parents Bernardt and Regina as well as the Rothman grandparents were at Auschwitz. Frank, Jaime, Leopokio, Benjamin, Bella, David are here in the United States as survivors, but his parents and grandparents were gased in the Auschwitz. I am looking to see if there are any records of this family--The are from Czechodlobskis--city of Podkarpatska Dus -Uzhorod. Frank was born 10 Sep 1924--his father in 1884, Bernardt also served in WWI. I have checked for records in several places but have not found anything. I would appreciate your help. Thank you,
Deanna--researcher for the Rothman Family


169. Koerner, Wisman, Walther
I am truly interested in finding family that I was told started in the Zwickaw region of Germany. My fathers family was of the Jewish faith. He is dead now and I have no other family to find information from. The names were Koerner, Wisman, Walther and Hoffman. I would appreciate any help at all. My name is...
Natalie Nisevich
13248 M26
Eagle Harbor, Michigan 49950

168. Alois Borys - Polish Soldier
I am searching for family members from poland,my grandfather Alois Borys born in july 1912 he was a polish soldier was called to fight in the war and left family behind. Alot of the family history is unknown as my grandfather passed away before i was born. His mothers name was Teresa who he knew was taken to a camp and father was Joseph.If anyone could help solve the puzzle i would be very grateful thank you,
Carolyne Borys.

167. Wajnbuch
I am trying to find information about my Mother's family. The family is Wajnbuch or Wjnbuch. My Grandfather died prior to w.w.2. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You very much.
George Berman

166. Kosiorek (or Koserek, Kosorek) - Warszawa
My late mother in law was born Felicja Henrika Kosiorek (surname is different on various documents), in Warszawa, Poland on April 21, 1929. She was a teenager when she was imprisoned in the concentration camp (not sure if it was Auschwitz or another). She never spoke of her horror in much detail, but I do know that her children, including my husband, would like to know more, including if there are any members left. But, I do not know if she was Jewish or Polish. I am assuming the latter to be correct. As mama is no longer with us and was never to utter many words regarding her experience or family history, I am searching sort of blindly. Do you know if the name is of Polish or Jewish descent? I know she was a Catholic until her death. She went on to marry an American soldier named Robert Woolfolk Brasington Jr., of Montgomery, Alabama, United States on September 24, 1947 in Stuttgert, Germany. They had 4 children, Robert III., Leon, Richard and Felicja. They are both deceased now. My parents-in-law went for summer visits many times to Poland, so we are assuming there was family who had survived. My husband has long dreamt of knowing his family and their history. I long to help him realize his dream. Any information one might be able to provide, would be most appreciated. Thank you in abundance for the service you provide. Blessings to all....
Wanda Brasington
arkansas, united states

165. Sachanski - Lodz
I am looking for information regarding my grandfather. All I have is the family name. My father's name was Januz Sachanski. My father's family lived in Lodz, and all that I know of my grandfather is that he left his home for work one day and did not return. It is believe he was taken by the Germans.
Barb Joyce
Ontario, Canada

164. Werber of Lwow
I am searching for information pre 1939 about the Werber family of Lwow Poland (now Liviv, Ukraine). The Werber's lived in Lyczakowska Street (I think No.147). Their names were Josepha, Zofia, and children Maria (my stepmother) and Stan. As all are dead, I would appreciate any information.
Thank you.
Marion Liesegang, Project Administrator
Ship Air Defence BAE Systems
677 Victoria Street Abbotsford 3067
Ph: (03) 9208 0515 Fx: (03) 9208 0508

163. Johann and Dorothee Meier
My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother. Their names are Johann Joachin Meier and Dorothee Meier geborene Glumm. He was born January 28, 1828 and she was born April 19, 1933. She was called Dora in the United States. I know Dora died and is buried in Clavert, TX where she lives and raised 4 sons and maybe 1 daughter. I do not know if Johann every made it to the US. I was told he died in Germany.
Jean (Meier) Manning

162. Roch Wilczynski
Polish soilder was called to duty in August/September 1939. Never seen again by family. Do not know what battle he fought in and do not know what prison camp he may have found his way in, or when he died. No papers supplied if he was discharged. Family was deported to Russia February 10th 1940 from eastern Poland. Survived the walk from Russia to Persia, wife and son eventually settled in New Zealand in 1960s, daughter settled in USA early 1950s, as they could not go back to Poland. From 1940-1960 - 20 years without a home.
Karol Wilczynska
New Zealand

161. Iwaskchak & Kowalski
I am trying to find out any information about my Great Grandparents. My grandmothers name is Antoneet Kowalska and my grandad Bogdan Iwaskchak.My grandmother does not know what happened to my grandad after they became seperated. My grandmother is very reluctant to talk about what happened to her,understandably.She spent a short time in Auschwitz and then moved twice more where i do not know.She was liberated in a Displaced Persons Camp believed to be called Mornau ( do not know correct spelling )She gave birth to my mother Aniela in this camp in 1946. My grandmother then came to live in England, my mother was 4 years old before she joined my grandmother in England. My grandmother is a Polish Catholic and i am finding it hard to find out any information about non-Jews during the holocaust. If anyone can help me in any way i will be eternally grateful.
Nichola Neale

160. Joseph Joachim; Salomon Joachim
Berlin, St. Joachimsthal, Czech Republic; or Joachimsthal, Austria; or Joachimsthal, Brandenburg, Germany.
I am looking for any information relevant to my background: Adopted; born between 1942-1945; surname--Joachim; parents of German-Jewish background, but converts to Christianity; parents possibly from Berlin, or Frankfurt; or St. Joachimsthal, Czech Republic; Joachimsthal, Austria, or Joachimsthal, Brandenburg, Germany. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

159. Stouffer,Michaelis,Kachurowski


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