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200. Wertheimer Family of Vienna
I am searching for my father’s two brothers and their families: Wertheimer Oskar
Wertheimer Gaston, both families were residents of Vienna, Austria in 1938

Searching to find out more about my grandfather ALEKSANDER SOSNOWSKI AND HIS DAUGHTER ANTONJA SOSNOWSKA (REFERENCRE #577 AND #578), who perished hiding two little girls of Jewish nationality (Ucia and Cinnia Fuchs) on February 24, 1944 in Zawadka near Kalusz.'

I would be very grateful,  to be able to find out , more about this tragedy. I am the oldest in my family and I am unable to get informatiom from witnesses of these events. Perhaps one should try to get help from INSTYTUT-WYDAWNICTWO (Institute-Publishing House) which, perhaps, have some documents on basis of which it published (the names) of the 700 murdered? Respecfully, JAN GROMEK

198. Harms, Tann or Gutenburg
I am looking for family by the name of Harms, Tann or Gutenburg.
Sharon L. Mcguire,,

197. Derwinska or Luta
My name is James Luta. I am trying to locate information about my family. I know they were immigrants from Poland and settled near New York. The only family members who knew anything wouldn't speak of the holocaust era and have since past. If you have any information on my family please contact me. The last names are Luta and Derwinska. I have tried all types of searches and haven't found anything. Thank you and God bless!! My e-mail is

196. Danielak
I am looking for our family in poland not sure what part ... the name that was given to them at elllis island was Danielak Stanley was first name not sure if there was a different spelling but my dad born in new haven connecticut in 1921.. his parents came from poland his mothers name here is grabowski her first name is alexandra .. or anna... her family was in poland and she was sending money to them from  usa and then had not heard anything else the  town were she lived  someone told her her family were allt aken to the camps she was catholic but her family I think was hiding jewish families... so don't know muc more then that I think she was near krakow if that helps but simi liar spelling of her name would help me find some family  that was there
 thank you Barbara Danielak

195. Mosie and Zosia Lifschitz
I am looking for information on the family of Lifschitz relatives of Nathan. Two individuals with the names of Mosie and Zosia Lifschitz were hid from the Nazis and   by Irena Get Opydyke . My grandfather’s name if Nathan Lifschitz , who was born in Poland, emigrated to the US in the early 1900’s . I am doing research to determine if these individuals or any others are related to my family. If so would like to communicate. Marlene Roy

194. Markisohn, Beno and Erzsebet (Freud)
My name is Paul Markison I'm a Holocaust surviver.I would like to find out if there are any records of my parents. Who perished in the Camps in 1944-45.My father's name is Markisohn, Beno, born 1890 July 12th. in Hungary, and died 1944  December in Aushwitz. My mother's name is: Markisohn, Erzsebet (born  Freud, Erzsebet.) born in Hungary in 1903 May 18th. Died in Bergenbelzen  in 1945 January. March 16th 2009

193. Seeking Children of de Geuzen
My father ran an underground organization out of Amsterdam during ww2 called “de geuzen”.  It’s purpose was to take children out of Amsterdam and place them in freisland or Groningen.  Hundreds of children passed through his doors safely, up until his groups arrest.  I am looking for any children how may have passed through themselves or known someone  who went into hiding around this time and used my farther resisitance group. If you have any information that could help me please contact me at any little lead will be invalualable for me. thank you for your time and patience. Denise Meyler

192. Child of Survivors born in Poland
My name is Laura I am the child of a survivor of the Holocaust. My Mother  was born in central Poland in 1932. She eventually was taken with her mother as forced labor on a German farm. Her father was taken at the beginning of the war. I have so many questions and am having trouble finding a site that can help. I have many of their documents. Do you know of any web sites that might help me locate information about what my grandfather did during the war and other such questions? Thank you for your time.

191. Josephine and Arnold Weiss
My grandma told me about two of my relatives, that were in the holocaust and survived. I really want to learn more about them, because I think that its very important to know your family backround. I am currently studying the Holocaust in school and it makes it more interesting for me, because I have relatives who actually went through that. Well, anyways I don't have the recources to fidn information on these relatives. Could you help?

Their names are Josephine and Arnold Weiss. They were from Austria and my grandma believes that they were in Auschwitz. If you could respond to this message and let me know what you can do, if you can do anything it would be great.

190. Marion Engelhardt, Maria Wardach, Roman and Maria Gumul
I am looking for the families of Marion Engelhardt , wife Maria Wardach Roman Gumul wife Maria Gumul. They survived and lived in the US until their deaths. I need to find out obout any relatives of theirs that either died or was left behind in Poland during and or before or after WWII. Thanks, Sheryl L. Smith

189. Polish Grandfather - POW
I came across your wonderful website after finding out about the book "The Forgotten Holocaust". As a child of a Polish survivor, I have long been curious about my family. Only my grandmother and her six children made it to the USA after being liberated from a camp. My grandfather had been a Polish POW and the family didn't find out about him until after they had already moved to the USA. He stayed in Poland. I am interested in finding out more of my family's story and to find any relatives who might be in Poland.

188. Seeking Victims of Antimalarial Medications
Dear Mrs Schwartz, I was interested to read your web pages documenting atrocities committed during the second world war in Nazi concentration camps. In particular, my interest is in finding information regarding the use of unwilling victims to perfect antimalarial medications. Although, some information has surfaced more recently, which is cited in my recent review [which I can send if you are interested], I would be interested to hear from you regarding anyone who has first hand knowledge or documentation that is not commonly available. Naturally, I am aware of the Nuremberg data but there seems to be little documentation on those experimented upon, especially polish Clergy at Dachau. Since I am an amateur historian but full time researcher in malaria medications I am interested in publicizing the plight of these unwilling victims that led to the perfection of antimalarial medications that are now used by millions but unknowingly taken for granted. My suspicion is that many of them were Russian or Polish nationals. In any event, I would be interested to hear from you, Kind Regards, Dr Fyaz M. D. Ismail Medicinal Chemistry Research Group, School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular sciences. Liverpool John Moores University, Byrom Street, Liverpool L3 3AF, United Kingdom, Europe. fyaz.ismail at

187. Bursztejn
I would be most grateful for anyone who has recollections of my father's family in Warsaw, before World War II. My paternal grandparents were LEON AND RACHEL Bursztejn; their four children were Izrael (my father), Nison, Anna, and Sara Lena. They lived on Nowolipki Street, very near a hospital operated by Polish Protestants, and near a German-owned pharmacy called Siep. My grandfather, Leon, operated a wholesale food imports business.Nancy Agnew -

186. Jozsefne Lilber nee Terez Wertheimer
After all these years, I still don't know when and where my mother died. She was taken to the O-Budai brick factory on November 15, 1944. Her name: Silber Jozsefne, maiden name Terez Wertheimer. Born November 16, 1905, Vac, Hungary. Our address was: Szekely Bertalan utca 2B Budapest, Hungary. I'm the only surviving member of my family. I was 8 years old. I have tried to get information from Red Cross and from Yad Vashem. No record was find. I'm going to be 73 yrs old pretty soon. Need a closure. Claire Koffler

185. Thomas Gecek and Marija Zoubala
My name is Smiljana Gecek and I am looking for any information about my Granddad brother THOMAS GECEK and Family. Thomas went to France 1925., and married MARIJA ZOUBALA in France (she was Polish). They had son Jean-Michel Gecek whom died in Paris 1937., and daughter call Jacqueline Gecek (she be about 76y.old now). Thomas and Marija Gecek went to Poland about 1938. We have no more information. Please give any information about Family ZOUBALA or GECEK. Thanx.

184. Pomikala and Miasga
I am searching for my gg grandparents Antoni Pomikala and Hedvigis Miasga. They had a daughter named Francisca Pomikala who married Thomas Pastula. Francisca and Thomas had a son Antoni Pastula b.March 03, 1920 in Widelka, Poland (my grandfather).My grandparents Antoni and Luba Plesak b. May 14, 1922 in Rawa Ruska, came to America in 1953 after being in the concentration camps working in German factories through forced labor. Luba's mother and father were: Michael Plesak and Maria Serafin, her siblings were, Joseph, Alena and Trofam. I have no information on parents and siblings except for there names. Thank you in advance for any information, Stephanie Thomas-

183. Zahl, Zahle, Sahl, Sahle, Zaal?
Several years of geneological research has established my European Jewish lineage is as below. But now we have hit the wall. It is likely records were lost during the numerous wars between 1805 and 1947. I have contacted a Zahl still living in Poland, but he has less record than we do & can make no documented family link. He states the family name has variously been translated phonetically into english as: Zahl, Zahle, Sahl, Sahle, Zaal, Saal, Zaale & Saale. Also, how would this family name origionally appear in Hebrew. Carl Frederick Wilhelm Zahl b. 1805c. Polydarn (?) Germany m(1835.c) Johanne Runge Children: Wilhelm, Fredericke, August Carl Fredrich, Carl. Wilhelm: b. (1839c) ?. Germany. Remained in Germany. Fredericke: b.(1842c) Gerswalde, Germany. Migration: Ship ‘Caesar Godeffroy’ out of Hamburg 21/12/1862. Carl 55y.o., Johanne 53y.o., Frederiche 20y.o., August 14y.o., Carl 11y.o. August Carl Fredrich Zahl b. 20/3/1848. Gerswalde, Prussia. m(1835.c) Johanne Runge dau. Frederick Johann Jacob Guth Rosina Catherine Andreas. Carl August Zahl b. 14/12/1850.c Gerswalde, Prussia. m. 7/3/1873 Wilhelmine Muller b. 1856, Brandenberg, Germany.

182. Kulesza - Wierzbno
I am searching for family members or relatives of Stefan Kulesza who was born in 1898 in Wierzbno , Poland . According to records kept at the Dachau Concentration Camp during WWII, Stefan was a farmer and died there on October 24, 1942. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Please contact me at

181. Ber Lebental from Warszawa, Polska
My name is Leonard LeBental my father was Ber Lebantal from Warszawa. He had a brother Miotek. They survived Therensienstadt as children. According to my father, all of his siblings and his parents Did not survive. Miotek moved to Israel and we have not heard from him or his family. If anyone has Any information regarding my family please email to:

180. Dachman
(My family name in Latvia was American spelling) Eprhiam & Hanna and their sons including David Dachman, a member of the Russian army during WWII.

179. Krasowsky, Krasowski
My name is Usher Krasowsky and I am a holocaust servivor and am looking to find out if any of my family have survived from the concentration camps. The last time I heard they were in Bedzin until 1943 in the ghetto. There names are as follows: My father's name was Kopel Krasowki My mother's name was Zelda My sister's name was Chana Krasowski and she had a son 2 or 3 years old whose name was Moniak. My sister's name was Chutka Krasowki My sister's name was Tola Krasowski who was eight or nine years old when I left. My brother's name was Wolf Krasowski and was taken away to the slave labour camps in 1940 or 1941.

My husband is still trying to find if any of his family survived the camps. Their names were Kopel, Zelda, Chana, Cutka, Wolfe,Tola. These were his family names. All were Krasowski. They lived in Bedzin. We have been told that Chana was the last to leave from the ghetto. She had a young son by the name of Moishe. We were mailed a picture of my sister Chana and a cousin Rachel, but with no story as to where these pictures were taken. All were sent out from the ghetto in 1943, except my brother who went to the labour camp. After my husband was liberated he looked all over the camps in Germany and went to Poland in search, but had to escape because there was a progom in Kelce in 1946. He came to Canada in 1947 and has been searching since then for any information about his family and cousins. If you have any information for me, or can publish this information on some site we would appreciate it. My husband's name is Usher Krasowsky. My e-mail address is

178. Krywol and Janowicz Families
I am looking for my father born in Czestochowa in Poland 22/8/1906.(son of Klemens Krywol and Maria Janowicz). In 1942 he was in Treblinka Camp. In 1944 he participated in Polish Resistance and in October November 1944 he was transported to German Camp STALAG XB. I am looking also for the family KRYWOL and JANOWICZ . May be you can help me to find the informations. It is very important for me. Kind regards JOANNA KRYWOL BLAISON

177. Gaillard Family
I desperately need your help. I recently found out that my great grand father's family was jewish. I am trying to find more informations about the "Gaillard" family migrating in the island of Haiti. The only thing so far that i know is that they came from France. The last name "Gaillard" might have been an alias to leave to country at the time, but i'm not sure. If you could be of any help, please do contact me at:

176. Bella Gross Balassa and children, Paul, Rozsie and Klari - Hungary
I would like to know what happened to my great-grandmother, Bella Gross Balassa, and her son, Paul, and daughters, Rozsie and Klari. Paul was captured by the Gestapo and never seen again. He helped many Jews escape out of Hungary before he was captured himself. Bella and her daughters were boarded onto trains in Budapest to be sent to work camps and never seen again. My great-grandmother was already elderly by then, and my great-aunts must have been in their mid to late thirties. As far as I know they were not Jewish, but had dark hair and eyes which I inherited. I was always told by my Grandfather that I looked just like my great-grandmother, Bella. My grandfather, Dr. Leslie (Laszlo) Balassa, who went to Vienna University in the twenties and earned his degree in Chemistry, had already emigrated to the U.S., in the early thirties. One little girl of my great uncle, Paul Balassa, was born in a concentration camp, Klari, and later emigrated from Budapest to Paris, France, with her prodigy pianist son, my second cousin, Nicholas Balassa Zsivkov, who we have also now lost contact with but who I believe is still in France. But I am most concerned about the fates of my great-grandmother, Bella Gross Balassa, and great Aunts, Rozsie, and Klari, and what happened to them and if there is any accounting anywhere as to their fates.Thank you for reading the story of my family and please contact me if you know of any means for finding out more about what may have happened to them, through the Hungarian government or otherwise. Alicia Balassa-Clark Vancouver, WA

175. Anna Rebincatova - Born in Sanok in Poland - May 26, 1926
I am looking for information about my grandmother's family. Her name was Anna Rebinçatova, she was born in Sanok in Poland on the 26th of May, 1926. She was deported to a German labour camp either in 1939 or 1940. Following the war, she was transported/rehomed (?) in the Czech Republic. I have not had any luck as yet with the Polish authorities in finding a birth certificate at least. According to my mother, my grandmother was Catholic, but we have no way of verifying this. I have also not been able to find out when she arrived the Czech Republic. She married Ivan Lipcej from Lwow. I have not been able to find out anything about her husband and my mother does not know anything at all. My grandmother was very reluctant to talk about her past, and told my mother that some things are best forgotten. I am trying to find out anything I can about my grandmother's family so I can at least pass something of our family onto my 2 children. If anyone has any advice or information I would be very grateful.

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