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Forced to Wear the Letter "P"

Here is a picture of my father-in-law who, as many other Poles, was forced to wear the identifying letter "P" or be shot. A classmate of my husband (last semester) asked him why the Poles built so many concentration camps (he was aware of Auschwitz) and he was surprised to hear that NONE of the camps was built in "Poland" (it was a German-occupied territory: New Gouvernment).

My husband's mother also told him many stories about the War -- especially about how the Jewish people were treated worse than animals by the Germans and how the Poles who helped the Jews were hung by butcher hooks outside of their 3rd-story windows with signs "Jew Lover" attached in large letters. It was awful.

Thanks for your great Web page -- my husband would like to copy it and use it as a source in a research paper he's working on this semester. His mother's father survived FIVE different camps (from Dachau to Oswiecim) -- he worked for the railroad and was arrested at work one day. He died one year after the war after being struck by a car that ran up onto the sidewalk.... Dzienkujie

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