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120. DWORAK, Zofia, 52, living at Przewrotne, near Głogów Maopolski

121. DZIAK, Antoni, living at Będzienica, near Iwierzyszów prov. rrested and later executed on Oct. 27, 1943 for sheering 5 Jewish males:

3 young brothers Bendys, Faust, 30, and Meler, 40. Dziak's wife, Zofia, escaped.

122. FEDEROWICZ, Jakub, living at Kawęczyn, Skierniewice prov.

shot in the spring of 1944, for sheltering Abraham Rosenberg and his son, as well as other Jewish people. Also shot was Stanisław Trojanowski, his associate and the Jews, of which only one succeeded in getting away (see 616)23. FILIPEK, Katarzyna, 47, farmer, from Tokarnia, Nea Nowy Targ, Crow
nurdered in January 1944 by Germans following a denunciation; since June 1943 she sheltered 6 Jews: Samuel Szternlicht, his 2 daughters, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren, who died with her. She was posthumously awarded the medal "Righteous Among the Nations"
124. FIUTKOWSKI, Franciszek, living at Cisie, near Cegłów, Silce prov.
arrested and executed in a group execution on June 28, 1943, for help to Jewish people (see: 9)
125. FOŁTA, Szymon, living at Jankowice, near Chłopice, Przemyol prov.
shot by the military police, together with 5 Jews he was sheltering: Jeremiah Nadel, Necha Nadel with her 7 years old daughter, Mila, and 2 seamstresses: Regina Amada, 28 and Dora Ring, 35
126. FORELLE. Maria, 61, living at Celestynów, near Otwock, Warsaw prov. shot on Mar. 31, 1944, with the Jewess whom she sheltered since the beginning of German occupation127. FURMANEK, Stanisław, living at Daleszyce, Kielce Prov.
executed in Kielce prison in summer of 1942, for transporting Jews by horse -and cart, in the company of Michał Malarecki, to the town of Chmielnik, where Jewish people might hide more safely (see: 356)

128. GACOŃ, Stanisław, living at Bukowa, near Jasło, Tarnów prov.

129. GACOŃ, Apolonia, his wife

shot on May 28, 1943, together with a 13 months Jewish girl shelterd by her
130. GAJDA, Grzegorz, farmer, from Grzegorzówka, near Łańcut, Rzeszów prov.
shot on Dec. 27, 1943, by SS officers from Łańcut, for helping Jews hiding in the nearby forst; toghther with them died Stefan Piechura (see 458)
131. GALEC, Maria, 50, living at Przeszkoda, near Ostrowiec Owiętokrzyski, Kielce prov.
executed on Apr. 6, 1944, by the military police from Ostrowiec, for sheltering 2 Jewish males with first names Marian and Grzegorz, who also perished. The husband of Maria, Stanisław, not present at the time, was soon after arrested and sent to Auschwitz, from where he returned home seriously ill and died in 1946
132. GAŁAT, Jan, 30, farmer, living at Nasutów, near Niemce, Lublin prov.
Together with his wife, Marianna (from 1st marriage MAJCHRZAK) they sheltered 2 Jews Rozgold in their barn. On Nov. 20, 1942, the Jews were discovered by the military police and shot, while Jan was talem to Lubartów and hanged; his wife, being then in Lublin, survived.
133. GAŁGAN, Agnieszka, living at Sokołów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.
executed in summer 1943 for sheltering Jewish women. Bartłomiej Gielarowski, Karolina Marciniec and the Jews they were sheltering were killed also (see:144, 365)
134. GARLICKA, Zofia, MD, 68, living in Warsaw
arrested on Aug. 11, 1942, for receiving in her home Dr. Natalia Zandowa, who escaped from the ghetto; Dr. Zandowa was shot the next day in the ghetto and Dr. Garlicka perished at Auschwitz, in November of that year.
135. GARNCAREK, Franciszek, priest, living in Warsaw
As priest of the St. Augustyn parish, bordering on the ghetto, he rendered help to its inhabitants, among other things, by communicating with the Polish underground AK (Home Army). On Dec. 20, 1943 he was murdered by Germans on the threshold of his presbitery
136. GAWEŁ, Michał, from Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.
killed in a mass execution on Mar 13, 1943 for sheltering Jews (see: 49-51)
137. GAWRON, Czesław, 20, living at Wola Przybysławska, Near Garbów, Lublin prov.

138. GAWRON, Leonard, 21, his brother

murdered on Dec. 10, 1942, together with the Aftyka family for helping Jews (see: 3-6)
139. GAWRYCH, Jan, 50, forester from Czarna, near Mińsk Mazowiecki, Siedlce
shot on Jan. 30, 1943, together with a group of Jews whom he helped, beside partisans and 2 fugitive Soviet POW. With them died also Stanisław Skuza and Dawid Rutkowski, cooperating with Gawrych (see: 526, 558)
140. GAWRYO, Piotr, 20, living at Połomia, near Tarnów, Rzeszów prov.
murderd on Sep. 9, 1943, together with 8 other Poles, sheltering Jews
141. GĄSIOR, Aleksander, farmer, living at Cisie, near Cegłów, Siedlce prov.

142. GERGERA, Henryk, farmer

both were shot on June 28, 1943, in a group of 25 people for help organized by the village to the Jews (see: 9)
143. GERULA, Michał, farmer, living at Łozinka Dolna, Cracow prov.
shot on Feb. 23, 1944, sentenced to death by a special court order of the SS and police commander in Cracow for sheltering Jews
144. GIELAROWSKI, Bartłomiej, from Trzebuska, near Sokołów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.
shot in summer 1943 together with Karolina Marciniec, for sheltering 5 Jews from Sokołów Małopolski (see: 133)
145. GŁONIAK, Walenty, 50, living at Biała, near Tęczyn, Rzeszów prov.

146. GŁONIAK, Józef, son

shot on Oct. 15, 1943, together with 3 Jews from Tęczyn, sheltered by them
147. GNIDUŁA, Józef, 70, farmer, from Majdan Nowy, near Księżpol, Zamooć pr.
shot on Dec. 29, 1942, with his cousin, Anna Margol, for sheltering a Jewish women Baruch (first name unknown). The last being captured and beaten by the military police, and being promised her life, gave away the names of people who sheltered and helped her. As a result perished also: Katarzyna and Józef Kowal, Anastazja and Maria Łubiarz and Kazimierz Szabata. Boruch was killed also. (see: 262-263, 344-345, 370, 592)
148. GOLA, Andrzej, 41, from Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów pr.
shot on May 9, 1943, with 15 other inhabitants for hiding Jews (see 70-71)
149. GOLEŃ, Eleonora, living at Jasło, Krosno prov.
shot tegether with another Pole in 1943 by German police and SS for sheltering a 12 years old Jewish boy, who died with them
150. GRABOWSKA, Irena, living at Piastów, Warsaw prov.
she was sheltering from April 1942 a small group of Jews, while helping many others. Together with her mother she gave refuge to the family Mortkowicz, publishers and booksellers from Warsaw. Arrested on Feb. 7, 1944 she was shot after a brutal questioning, on Ap. 26 of that year.
151. GRABOWSKI, Marian, living in Kowel (town incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)
shot in November 1943 with the Jewish woman he was sheltering
152. GRANAT, Antoni, 38, living at Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.
killed on May 9, 1943, with 15 villagers for sheltering Jews (see: 70-71)
153. GRUCHAŁA, Anna, living at Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Tarnów prov.

154. GRUCHAŁA, Julia, her daughter-in-law

Anna was killed with 7 Jews: Szyfer, sheltered by them , by gendarmes in summer of 1944 in her own home; Julia was sent to Bergen-Belsen camp where she died
155. GRZESIK, Ferdynand, living in Warsaw
arrested on July 3, 1942, for working as an advisor in diversive and sabotage tactics in the ghetto, on orders from the Polish socialist underground. He was hanged on Leszno St. in Warsaw on Oct. 15, 1942
156. GRZESZCZYK, (Chiristian name unknown), from Zajączkó, near Ciepielów, Radom prov.
killed with a number of other villagers from Zajączków and Tymienica by military police, for help to Jewish refugees (see: 320-322)
157. GRZYB, Jan, 80, farmer, living at Wiewiórka, near Dębica, Tarnów prov

158. GRZYB, Jadwiga 80, his wife

murdered by Gestapo from Dębica, for sheltering Jews
159. GRZYWNOWICZ, Franciszek, 22, from Przecław, near Miechów, Kielce pr.

160. GRZYWNOWICZ, Józef, 23, brother

killed on Aug. 27, 1943, for sheltering a Jewish family of 5
161, GUT, Adam, 30, living at Hucisko, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.

162. GUT, Józef, 21

163. GUT, Marcin, 46

killed on Jun.10, 1943, for helping Jews sheltered in the village (see: 19-20)
164. GUT, Ludwik, 38, from Przewrotne, near Głogów Małopolski, Rzeszów prov.
killed on May 9, 1943, in a mass execution for sheltering Jews (see: 70-71)

165. HANAS, Mikołaj, living at Zagórze, near Sanok, Krosno prov.

shot in March 1943 by Bahnschutzpolizei with the Jews he sheltered: Lew Bank and Eliasz Margolis
166. HENDOSZKO, Stanisław, from Paulinów, near Sokołów Podlaski, Siedlce pr.
shot on Feb. 24, 1943, while digging trenches, as one of the 14 people, victims of a Nazi agent provocateur (see: 14)
167. HOLTZER, Józef, 69, landowwner, at Celestynów, near Rachanie, Lublin pr.

168. HOLTZER, Marianna, 61, his wife

killed by military policemen from Rachanie on Nov. 2, 1942, for trying to protect 12 Jews, by employing them legally on their lands, killed with them169. INGLOT, Zofia, living at Wola Komborska, near Krosno

shot in Oct. 1943 by the SS for sheltering 2 Jews; died also Janina Kwolek, Józef and Katarzyna Prejzner and both sheltered Jews (see: 319, 481-482)

170. IRZEK, Julia, living in Lwów (city incorporated into the Soviet Ukraine)
sentenced to death by a special court (Sondergericht) for helping Jews, announced by public notice by the commander of the SS and the Galician district police on Dec. 14, 1943
171. IWAŃSKI, Roman, living in Warsaw
as soldier of the AK he fought together with members of the Jewish Military Union (ŻZW) during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and was shot on Apr. 27, 1943, on Plac Muranowski
172. IWAŃSKI,Zbigniew, living in Warsaw
as member of the AK he fought against the German troops on Karmelicka Str . Perished on May 3, 1943, while conducting 15 Jews from the burning Ghetto
173. IZDEBSKI, Mieczysław, 28, farmer from Zienki, near Włodawa, Lublin prov.
murdered in spring of 1943, together with the Kupersztok family of 5: Nata, her husband and 3 children, aged 10-18. Neighbours saved the 3 years old daughter of Izdebski

174. JABŁKOWSKA, Helena, from the Polish Socialist Party, living in Warsaw

she sheltered many Jews, incl. the Bardach family, for which she was arrested on Jan. 6, 1944 and shot soon after
175. JAJEONICA, Józef, living at Kałusz, former Stanisławów (town incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)

176. JAJEONICA, Maria, his wife

177. JAJEONICA, Jan, 10, son

Maria, owner of a brick-yard, allowed 4 Jews who escaped from a transport, to take shelter in a building on her property. Pursuing Germans forced all 7 of them into the building and burnt them alive
178. JAKUBOWSKA, Walentyna, farmer, from Popławy, near Brańsk, Białystok prov.
murdered on Apr. 12, 1943 by gendarmes from Brańsk; with her died the two Jewish children: Lejb, 11 and Fajwel, 13, Doliński, protected by her
179. JANICZEK, Jan, 46, living in Warsaw
employee of the (PKO) Polish Savings Bank, he gave shelter in his home to the Jew Grossman. Both arrested and perished in Gross-Rosen camp, Janiczek on Dec. 4, 1944
180. JANTOŃ, Jan, 31 from Wola Brzostecka, near Brzostek, Tarnów prov.
he supplied food to the Fish family of 6, which was hiding in the woods: mother, Henia 60, daughters Baily, 23, and her baby-girl, Rosa, 26, Ester, 28, and son Moses, 30. All were killed on Dec. 8, 1942 and buried in a common grave in the wood. Jantoń was awarded posthumously with the medal "Righteous Among the Nations"
181. JANUS, Helena, 40, wife of Bronisław, living at Dzwonowice, near Pilica, Katowice prov.

182. JANUS, Maria, daughter

183. JANUS, Krzysztof, 3, son

Helena and her husband Bronisław sheltered two Jewish families: Berliński and Rusinek, 6 people. On Jan. 12, 1945 military police and Gestapo discovered the Jews and killed everyone present, incl. Bronisław's sister, Zofia Madej, her husband and her daughter. Only Bronisław, absent at that time, escaped with life (see 351-353)
184. JAROSZYŃSKI, Bronisław, living at Stryj (locality incorporated after the war into the Soviet Ukraine)
sentenced to death "for conspiring with Jews" by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police (Standgericht) Public announcement dated: Jan. 28, 1944
185. JASIŃSKI, Antoni, living in Warsaw
shot together with the Jewish couple (he an enginner, she a dentist) to whom he gave refuge in his flat; the tragedy resulted from the dentist's insufficient caution in selecting patients she treated.
186. JAWORSKA, Rozalia, living at Cisie, near Cegłów, Siedlce prov.

187. JAWORSKA, (Christian name unknown) 2, daughter

shot on June 28, 1943 at Cegłów in a group of 25 people for sheltering Jews (see: 9)
188. JELONEK, Józef, living at Zajączków, near Ciepielów, Radom prov.
shot in January 1943 with the family of Gabriel Wołowiec for helping Jews (see: 668-673)
189. JEWTUSIK, Opanas, living in Lwów (city incorporated after the war into the Sovit Ukraine)
sentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police (Standgericht) for helping Jews. Public announcement dated: Jan. 28, 1944.
190. JĘDRZEJCZYK, Józef, 27, farmer, living at Matysówka, near Rzeszów
for help rendered to Jews shot on Oct. 15, 1943 by Gestapo from Tyczyn
191. JĘDRZEJEWSKI, Józef, 27, living at Matysówka, near Rzeszów
shot on Oct. 15, 1943 at Tyczyn in a group of Poles, some of whom brought from surrounding localities, and given the death sentence for helping Jews (see: 211, 443)
192. JOĆ, Jan, 61, farmer, living at Mętów, near Lublin

193. JOĆ, Jadwiga, 57, his wife

murdered in November 1943 for supplying food to Jews hiding in forest
194. JÓZEFEK, Bronisław, living in Lwów (city now in the Soviet Ukraine)

195. JÓZEFEK, Kazimierz

196. JÓZEFEK, Maria

sentenced to death by a special court of the commander of the SS and the Galician District Police for sheltering Jews . Their names were published in official announcements issued on Dec. 14, 1943 and Jan. 28, 1944
197. JUSZCZYK, Franciszek, 55, living at Białobrzegi, Radom prov.

198. JUSZCZYK, Wiktoria, 45, his wife

199. JUSZCZYK, Stefan, 23, son

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