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Voyage of the Damned -Read Jerusalem Post article

Front cover is engraved with signatures of the authors:
Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts

The infamous true story of the ill-fated 1939 voyage of the S.S. St. Louis, which carried 937 Jews who were fleeing Hitler.
Voyage of the Damned was first published in 1974 and became an instant bestseller. It was made into a movie in 1977, and won three Academy Award nominations. Hardcover - 1974 Edition - P

Stories of Survival Privacy Information

Jan Karski - One man who tried to stop the Holocaust

Irek - Warsaw Ghetto Underground Fighter

Dutch Teenager Three years hard labor for listening to a radio station.

Eva Pencak - Forced Laborer for the Third Reich

American Citizen in Poland  
Faced the Germans Twice - First in the Polish Army and then in the American Army

Mittelbau Dora in Nordhausen French survivor describes his months of hell in concentration camp

Washington Post Artist and Non-Jewish Survivor of 5 Concentration Camps

Wiktor - The Art of Survival "Opening the envelope, Julian Siminski felt a chill."

Kidnaped and Deported   - They kidnaped young men and women in the street, in the marketplace, and in front of churches on Sundays.

Number 1067 - Diary   Cold and Naked They Stood


Who Were the 5 Million?

Holocaust Survivors

Holocaust Books, Videos, & DVDs

Heroes of the Holocaust

Polish Translation of Main Page

Polska Wersja



Martyrs of Charity
by Waclaw Zajaczkowski

Paperback in excellent condition.


by Eva Hoffman

Like new! Only the dustjacket shows any signs of wear. Photos, maps and drawings. 1997


The Bunker
by James P. O'Donnell

"This is a riveting, damned near incredible (but true) story of the last days inside Hitler's underground hide-out in Berlin." - Gerald Green, author of HOLOCAUST
Drawings and photographs. Dust cover shows signs of wear, but hardcover is in very good condition.

World War II - Strange & Fascinating Facts
By Don McCombs and Fred L. Worth - Hardcover - 1983 Greenwich House

4,139 entries about the the people, the events, and the battles Take a quiz on the back dust cover!
Very good condition. Some yellowing pages - but completely intact.

Eichmann in Jerusalem by: Hannah Arendt

Paperback - 1980

The Journey - Massacre of Innocents
by Charles Merrill

Like new! Softcover - Kenet Media 1996


White Nights by Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel
The Story of a Prisoner in Russia

Translated from Hebrew. Originally published in Tel Aviv as Be-lelot Levanim Missing dustjacket

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