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The Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust - Polish Language version

Polish Citizens - Hitler's First Target

Afro-Europeans: Sterilization for Black Youth

Gypsies: Executed for Their Race

Jehovah Witnesses Stood Firm

No Need for the Disabled

Pink Triangles Marked the Homosexuals

The Non-Jewish Survivors Personal Stories

American Citizen in Poland  
George Ostrowski - He Faced the Germans Twice - First in the Polish Army and Then in the American Army

French survivor describes his months of hell in concentration camp Mittelbau Dora in Nordhausen

Eva Choma - Catholic Holocaust Survivor - From 1939 - Liberation - the entire time as a forced laborer in Nazi-occupied Germany.

Dutch Teenager - ...three years of hard labor in a strafarbeitslager - for listening to the wrong radio station in Nazi-Occupied Holland. Dutch Language Version

Jan Komski, Washington Post Artist and Non-Jewish Survivor of 5 Concentration Camps

Wiktor - The Art of Survival "Opening the envelope, Julian Siminski felt a chill."

Kidnapped and Deported   - Occupied Poland. Later, the Germans applied forced deportation for work. They kidnapped young men and women in the street, in the marketplace, and in front of churches on Sundays. [read more]

Number 1067 - Diary  
Because it was so late when we returned to our barracks at the end of the workday, our "dinner" would be set aside for us outside in metal bowls. During the winter, the top layer of the soup would freeze and we would have to break the ice to eat it. [read more]

Survivor's Holocaust Poems

Photos - Rare and Unusual

Pictures and drawings
Images from Gardelegen mostly non-Jews burned in a barn
Concentration Camps - the Gas Chambers


The Rescuers Heroes & Heroines of the Holocaust Came from all Nations

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem Rescuers Honored in Israel

Irena Sendler - She she kept a list of the children a jar in her garden

John Damski - Saved a girl who jumped out a window.

Henryk Slawik - Doctor

Irena Gut-Opdyke - Nurse hid Jews in Nazi officers' villa.

Julian Bilecki - Teenager

Dr. Eugene Lazowski - Created a phony epidemic that saved a village

Tadeusz Borowski - Irek was his code name

Polish Translation:"Irek" byl jego pseudonimem. Wiekszosc ludzi znala go jako Tadeusz Borowski. Ale dla czlonkow ruchu oporu byl "Irkiem" z pseudonimu, a w rzeczywistosci podporucznikiem Armii Krajowej.

Jan Karski - Polish Officer, Spy and Diplomat - Who Tried to Stop the Holocaust

Dr. Julius Zubli - Dutch M.D

Women & Children - of Valor -Real Courage

Over 700 Polish men, women and children killed while assisting Jews - listed by name

ZEGOTA - Secret underground rescue organization in Nazi-Occupied Poland

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Family Search Registry Over 100 Listings of Family and Friends Lost During the Holocaust

Auschwitz Concentration Camps Chronology
Oswiecen- Polish Version

Lodz - Was different from other Ghettos

War Crime Documents from the Nuremberg trial show deliberate efforts towards non-Jews.
#20 Babies thrown from trains
#48 Those sent to death camps

Legacy of the Second Generation - Holocaust Victims and Survivors
en espanol
El Legado de la Segunda Generación.

Post Traumatic Amnesia in Holocaust Survivors - Comprehensive Bibliography

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Newsletter - Free Study Guide for Educators Describing the Non-Jewish Victims of Hitler and the Holocaust

African Descent - The Blacks
Jehovah Witnesses
The Disabled

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Three Million Christians - Ed Lucaire

Non_Jewish Survivors Discriminated? - Arthur Stern


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