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Lodz (called by the Germans LITZMANNSTADT) was included in the Reichsland Wartheland and was annexed to Germany. Therefore Jews of Lodz were subject to different laws than Jews in other parts of Poland under German occupation (called General Gouvernement).

The racial laws that applied to Jews in Germany were quite complex. There were Mischlinge first class, second class, etc. The restrictions upon such Mischlinge depended upon the percentage of Jewish blood, and this was measured in fractions; 3/4,1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc.

I remember seeing quite a large book dealing with Jews of Lodz under German occupation, but I do not remember the title. There are hundreds of Polish books dealing with non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust, but few have been translated into English.

In almost every major city there are still a few survivors from Lodz. I know that there are such people in the large Polish-American community here in Southern California.

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The Diary of Dawid Sierakowak available at Amazon.com

by Dawid Sierakowiak,
Alan Adelson (Editor)

A sobering and moving account of a young victim of the Holocaust This book is quite moving and powerful as its young, sardonic, incisive author leads us vicariously into the Lodz ghetto. The brilliance of this young man is readily apparent through his keen observations of his desperate situation and horrendous surroundings. The author is also very honest about his father's moral breakdown, as well as his bitter thoughts on the role of Chaim Rumkowski, the leader of the ghetto community. The preface is excellent, giving background information about Dawid, the war, the ghetto system, and Nazi methods of deceit and control. Highly recommended.

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