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The Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims
Who Were the
Five Million?

Holocaust Survivors
Personal Stories

Holocaust Photos
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Photos: Holocaust Concentration Camps

Polish Citizens - Hitler's First Target

Afro-Europeans: Sterilization
for Black Youth -Hitler's Plan

Gypsies: Executed for Their Race

Jehovah Witnesses
Stood Firm Against the Nazis

Hitler Had No Need for
the Disabled

Pink Triangles
for Homosexuals

Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany
By Hans J. Massaquoi

Of mixed African-German parentage, Hans, came of age in Nazi Germany. ... a small boy, he was fascinated and moved by Hitler and seduced by Nazi busywork.... He felt betrayed upon realizing that there was no place for a non-Aryan such as himself in the Reich.

The Rescuers
Heroes & Heroines

Irena Sendler - Notes in a jar
John Damski - in California
Henryk Slawik - Doctor
Irena Gut-Opdyke - Nurse
Julian Bilecki - Teenager
Dr. Eugene
Lazowski - M.D.
Tadeusz Borowski - Irek
Jan Karski - Polish Spy
Dr. Julius Zubli - Dutch M.D.
Zegota - Secret in Poland
Women & Children - of Valor
Over 700 Polish men, women and children - listed by name

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem List of Countries of Rescuers Honored in Israel

War Crime Documents from the Nuremberg trial, show deliberate efforts towards non-Jews.
#20 Babies thrown from trains
#48 Those sent to death camps

Post Traumatic Amnesia in Holocaust Survivors - Comprehensive Bibliography

Non-Jewish survivors being denied cash grants by the largely Jewish California Humanitarian Foundation for Holocaust Survivors?!?

Displaced Persons - bookcover